From EBS to working in the nightlife – Celine

27th November 2014
From EBS to working in the nightlife – Celine

A big percentage of EBS Students who make it out to Barcelona will decide to stay in this fantastic city once they’ve graduated from the course. Some stay for another month filled with leisure, others decide to look for a job and start a new life in Barcelona. One of those “immigrants” is Celine Tissot from Switzerland, our 2014 May graduate:

Celine in May, 2014. Three weeks in the course, bottom right with her teammates

So Céline, why did you originally choose to join EBS Barcelona?
”Well it was an easy choice for me, going to Barcelona has always been a personal goal so when I saw that EBS had a school in Barcelona I just knew that’s where I’m going. I always felt that somewhere in my life I was going to live in Barcelona and thanks to the course I am living the dream.” (winks at me)

What did you think about the course?
”The course at EBS is a really good package, you get a little bit of everything instead of just sitting at a bench reading a book. Here you get a lot of bar practice, flair lessons, free pouring, a lot of drink recipes and a good base of knowledge about the liquors. It’s not too much of anything and neither too little, let’s say they’ve found a good balance.”

So from all of these things you just mentioned, what was your favorite subject?
”The bar practice of course, that’s everyone’s favorite. It also prepared me for developing a routine when the place is packed. That means there’s no time to think and you simply fall back on what you’ve learned and repeated during your practice sessions. The staff I work with knows where the more obscure ingredients are located, but in terms of speed I can definitely keep up with the guys.”

Editor: Juan is one of “the guys” Celine works with, appearing in Sipsmith’s Twitter feed below:

Oh yeah about that, where are you currently working?
”In a bar called Creps Al Born, if you ask me it’s one of the best bars in Barcelona, I love that place! The bartenders at Crepes are so inspirational and take good care of me. They know that this is my first bar job and they’re so helpful with everything, they’re like my family here in Barcelona.”

How come that you think it’s one of the best bars in Barcelona?
“Oh just come and visit us and you’ll see for yourself! (laughs) But ok, one of the things I like the most with the bar is that you can tell staff what kind of spirits or fruits you like and then we make a cocktail based on that. It impresses the guests every time and I think this the essence of good bartending. Knowing about mixology to create the perfect individual drink! We also do our own infusions, which is supercool by the way. Or I guess I could just say that our bartenders are what I want to become. And I am serious, you should come and visit us some night!”

I definitely will! Do you have any special cocktail that you would recommend to us?
”A Zombie or Acapulco.They’re actually quite similar, both of them have rum, lime and pineapple juice. Though the Acapulco got ginger and mint in it, it’s amazing, and the garnish in this drink is caramelized pineapple. Amazing. Or a cocktail I’m sure you never tried before is the Hood Rat – we muddle red pepper and serve it with that nice Żubrówka Vodka, some lemon juice and vanilla syrup – a fresh and tasteful experience!”

I’ll definitely have one of those! But how did you get this job?
”I just walked into the bar and left my cover letter and CV instead of sending an email, it’s so much more personal and I wanted to show my personality to them. When I left my CV there I still didn’t have a local number, so the manager told me to take care of that first thing. As soon as I had that I went back to the bar, and that’s when the manager knew he’d give me the job. I suppose because I showed a little extra effort.”


Celine did the right thing, but there’s so many more tricks to get your bartending dream job:


How do you compare your training from working in a real bar?
”It’s beautiful, the first thing that’s different from the school is that you have real customers. We do learn how to interact with people in the school, but once you get out there in a bar you realize that bartending is so much more than just making cocktails, you’re an entertainer and the center of attention. At Creps we put a lot of focus on each one of our guests just to make sure that they’ve got a smile on their face. I’m working on getting my next WFA-level, because flair is useful as well here. The guys I’m working with flair all the time so it’s nice if I can keep up with them.” ”

Going through the motions – Flair helps being a good host, and is great for tips

Can you use what you learned on EBS Barcelona at Creps?
”Of course! A good things about EBS is that you can come to the school with zero knowledge about bartending and they’ll teach you everything from the beginning. Thanks to EBS I got the basis of knowledge of a bartender and got the opportunity to work in this bar now. Working at Creps is like taking an advanced course, the guys at the bar went over some masterclasses with me before I started my shifts which is amazing. And I’ve still got so much more to learn plus I like it; there’s so much knowledge about this industry that I wanna possess.”

So one last question – what is the best thing about Barcelona?
”I like everything, but if i have to choose one thing it has to be the food culture. You didn’t expect that answer right? (laughs) No, but this city has so much to offer to everyone, the people here are friendly and open-minded, the culture, the beach, all of the beautiful parks and the city almost seemed to be built for longboarding. There’s this warm atmosphere that makes you happy, I don’t think I ever could get bored or tired of this place. It’s my personal paradise!”

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Editor ps:
So the other day, we went to Creps and we saw Céline in action. Plus, we saw all the stuff and so much more that she’s mentioned in the interview works and I could see with my own senses what she’s been talking about. We totally agree with her and recommend you visit Barcelona’s Creps Al Born for some crazy impromptu cocktails.