EBS Barcelona goes Sitges Carnival

23rd March 2015
EBS Barcelona goes Sitges Carnival

Sitges in Spain is a town 35km down the coast from Barcelona, and when the annual Carnival is in town, over 250,000 people travel there to party and and unwind for seven days straight. The last day, also known as Fat Tuesday, is what it’s all about. Magnificent costumes, beautiful parades and non-stop samba music!

You will dance at Sitges, oh yes you will!

EBS goes Sitges Carnival
We took the initiative to get our students in on this as a hot-blooded Latin carnival is not something you experience every day. We started at 5pm at the George Payne’s Irish pub where the students got their faces painted by a professional and where we enjoyed the local creations to get the right frame of mind.

The usual suspects in impromptu Carnival outfits. Guy Fawkes meets friendly satanists

Eventually, our bus picked us up right outside the pub at 6.30pm and soon we were on our way. During the bus ride there we were handed Sangria by the boxes, to make sure everyone was going to be in the party mind state! We arrived in Sitges just before things were about to kickoff and made our way down to the parade, along with thousands of other people who had the same idea.

That’s fun!
A quiet beach town transforms into this – Carnival pandemonium

The atmosphere was good; people were playing music and dancing and cheering on the street. The parade started and the party quickly moved into high gear. Some people really went all out and you could tell that they had spent hours and hours perfecting their make-up and costume. We tried to take mental notes for next year;)

If your girls are doing blue and green feathers this year, then that’s what you’ll wear at Sitges

After the parade ended we stumbled upon a small street filled with bars and people. We started at one bar and gradually made our way to the end of the street. When Carnival was over at last we took the bus back and arrived in Barcelona at 5am. By 9am we were all back at school in time for class…

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