Bartender Experience with EBS in Barcelona

20th April 2015
Bartender Experience with EBS in Barcelona

Thirteen years of slavery in school was over. I was happy, excited, but most of all terrified. What was I supposed to do next? With a sense of excitement and a lot of fear I started thinking about my possibilities. By coincidence I ran into EBS, European Bartender School, which caught my eye. I decided to try it out, me as a bartender sounded like an idea worth trying. But now I faced the tricky part, where should I go? With over 20 destinations to choose from I had a hard time deciding. I wanted to combine beaches, nightlife and architecture and I therefore, eventually decided on Barcelona! It was probably one of the most intense months of my life, but also one of the most memorable. I learnt so much about bar tendering, got to meet amazing people and most of all I gained a greater knowledge about myself, as a person.


We got to learn a variety of different things such as free pour, flair, the history of the drinks and, of course, over 100 cocktail recipes!

1) Free Pour

The first one, free pour, is a method used to become a top bartender. With this technique you will never need to measure out your alcohol again, you learn how to pour free hand. This part really scared me in the beginning because it had to be executed with perfection. But practice makes perfect and with lots of training you will get there, in the end it will all be worth it.

2) Flair

Flair is used to entertain your customers and make you the bartender that ends up with the greatest amount of tips at the end of the shift. The funny part is that flair practice took place everywhere! In the parks, down at the beach and in the school building itself. It was quite hard to get it right so a lot of practice was needed! Fortunately it didn’t even feel like studying, it became our way of hanging out.

3) History/Theory

The History part was really interesting and I soon realised I basically knew nothing before the course. The facts you learn will come in very handy while you socialise with your costumers.

4) Cocktail Recipes

It’s good to know your drinks by heart. This part was mostly done at home and consisted on repeating the drink recipe over and over again until I had it memorised. My classmates and I got really good at finding new games to help us learn the recipes.It got easier memorising the recipes as each day passed. Usually you will get five or six new drinks to learn each night and the next day you will be given some more. I can definitely say my memory has improved for sure.!

It´s sounds like a lot of things to learn, but after a month you will get it right. I can totally agree with the EBS saying of Hard Work, Spirit and Soul. It perfectly combines the meaning of being a bartender and it’s something I experienced a lot during the course. It’s quite trilling to see your own development throughout the course, I guarantee you it is going to be huge.

Practice makes perfect.

During the course I went from an inexperienced drinker to a bartender that knows around 100 recipes, the history of every spirit, how to flair and how to treat the drink (and their owners) as royals. I never expected to gain so much knowledge in just one month, but EBS surprised me. With that said I can admit it was not just a month of pure joy. A lot of hard work and sweat made me sometimes wonder if I would complete the course. But, my advice to you, don´t let this put you down, I didn´t. The teachers are there to provide you with all the help and encouragement you need and keep in mind; your classmates are in exactly the same position as you, so learn with them!


The amount of alcohol you consume may be a little higher than you are used to and it’s your responsibility to control your own consumption and take care of yourself. This also reflects the responsibility of being a bartender. It’s up to you to keep the liquor amount in a reasonable level for your customers. But, with a little responsibility and a positive behaviour this is nothing to be worried about.

By the end of this experience you will accomplish more than a bartender certificate. This course has opened doors to so many possibilities that I believe I wouldn’t have had otherwise. So, if you get the chance to attend this course at EBS, do it! It may not be Barcelona that becomes your destination, but that really doesn’t matter. EBS courses will give you the time of your life, no matter what the destination. Below are a few more photos I took during the course, enjoy! I’ll catch up with you again soon!


Barcelona from the air was truly amazing – you can tell from my happy face!


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